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Terms and Conditions BOOKING PROCEDURES and PAYMENT Students must aim to confirm the offer within 48 hours. Booking confirmations are only issued once payment is received. When the booking is fixed, booking dates are not changeable. Complete accommodation details and instructions will be sent via email prior to arrival. ARRIVAL Student must provide us with an arrival time at least 3 days before his/her arrival date so arrangements can be made to receive student. Failure to inform us of student’s arrival time may result in delays in welcoming student and we cannot be held responsible in any manner as a result of this non information. Our families generally welcome their guests between 10 am and 10 pm. We recommend students who would like to arrive out of these hours to their host families should consider staying in a temporary accommodation for the day of arrival. We always let our host families know about your estimated arrival time to their houses. It is your responsibility to let your family know about your late or early arrival on arrival date, if your transfer not provided by TripAngle. In case of late arrival, host family may refuse your entry to their house. PAYMENTS Payments must be received in advance, at time of booking confirmation and prior to arrival. Airport transfer services must be paid for in advance. PAYMENTS CANNOT BE MADE ON ARRIVAL EXTENSIONS OF STAYS Students are welcome to book on a periodic extendable basis and if students wish to extend their stay, we must be informed as soon as possible. Although every effort will be made to accommodate student, extensions are subject to change based on availability and notice given. Extensions can only be confirmed upon payment. COMPLAINTS In the unlikely event of a complaint, if student is unhappy in the accommodation provided, student must communicate with us immediately. All the complaints must be written and sent via e-mail to TripAngle. TripAngle will discuss all student complaints with host family ASAP to resolve situation. We aim to act on feedback immediately, avoiding any delays and maximising the quality of the student’s stay in UK. We will not be responsible in any way, for any alternative arrangements made in accommodation not provided by us, if you choose not to stay in our accommodation for any reason. CANCELLATIONS Once the accommodation is confirmed, if you wish to cancel your accommodation, you must give us notice in writing at least 3 weeks prior to your arrival date to receive full refund. In case of less than 3 weeks notice 2 weeks accommodation fee will be deducted. After arrival accommodation fees are non-refundable. Booking fees are non-refundable in any case. All accommodation bookings once confirmed and after arrival, are non-refundable. The same applies if you have to shorten your stay, payment is non-refundable. No shows, failure to arrive or postponement incurs charges in full from the booking date and payment is non-refundable. Cancellations must be received within normal working hours, Monday to Friday 9:30am to 17:30pm. STUDENTS WHO NEED A VISA You are advised not to book accommodation unless you have a visa to travel. We are able to provide accommodation even on short notice. If you choose to book accommodation in advance prior to your visa approval, please refer to the cancellation procedures and please note that any payment made is non-refundable. Cancellations must be received within working hours, Monday to Friday 09:30 am to 17:30 pm. MOVEMENT OF STUDENTS If any student is not satisfied with their accommodation, TripAngle will relocate the student to a similar standard accommodation where possible. In this case, normally a one-week notice period should be given. It is our responsibility to relocate the student to another suitable home. We will always suggest another suitable accommodation but if the student does not wish to take up the alternative offer, the accommodation fees become non-refundable. If a student decides to move out of our accommodation into their own accommodation, the accommodation fees are non-refundable. Exception for hostfamilies - If a host family decides that they want their student to leave, they too must give the student notice. Notice period may only vary in case of an emergency under exceptional circumstances. General - We reserve the right to move a student from his/her accommodation or refuse to accommodate any student should we find his/her behaviour unacceptable. Students will be notified of this when and where appropriate. NOTES : TripAngle and our host families do not accept any responsibility or liability in respect of personal injury, loss, theft or damage of personal items. We strongly advise you take out full insurance to cover personal injuries, personal property i.e. jewellery, laptops etc., which should include travel and medical treatment before travelling to the UK . TripAngle will not accept any liability for disputes or claims/loss arising between you and the host family. TripAngle advise all students/visitors to take great care with front door keys; we will not be responsible for damage or loss of keys. All damages, breakages and loss of keys made by the guests must be paid for directly by the student/visitor. All students/visitors are asked NOT to give out details of their host families' address or telephone number without seeking permission from their host family. Superior accommodation types may have bigger rooms or better decorations/facilities/locations. By making the payment, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. Bed and Breakfast: Breakfast is provided. Strictly no kitchen use. Half Board: Breakfast and evening meal provided. Strictly no kitchen use. Self Catering: No food provided. Kitchen use is allowed.
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