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Homestay in London

Living with a hostfamily brings many benefits to students. Just after your arrival London, you begin interacting with your hostfamily straight away. When you arrived your homestay accommodation, your hostfamily briefly introduce itself and other family members to you (All our families know you just landed to island and all you need is getting some rest.). Your hostfamily will be showing house amenities, your room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. You will be informed breakfast and/or dinner time and also other house rules (House rules are so important if you think the hostfamilies hosting many students from many different countries and many different cultures as well.) If it is still early you might be offered a hot cup of tea as well. It is a great opportunity to have a little chat with your hostfamily and repair your energy. Your family will hand your house key copy to you. The rooms generally have no locker or key in United Kingdom.

Unpacking your luggage, taking a shower and now you are ready to send e-mails or having chat with your family on Skype. Do not forget to ask Wireless Internet password to your family if they have wireless connection. If there is a cable connection (Some of our hostfamilies prefer to have cabled internet connection.) all you need to do plug-in the cable to your computer. It is time to sleep now!.

Next morning using our Travel Guide you will go to your school after your breakfast. If you have Breakfast in your meal plan, your host family should prepare your breakfast for you. If your family has to leave early usually they leave your breakfast on the table for you, help yourself! Before going to any tube or bus station we advise you to go any Off-Licence (Little shops sell from newspaper to milk, bread to chocolate bars located almost at every corner.) with Oyster sign front of the its windows. After buying your Travel Card or Bus Pass you need to follow the instructions given in your Travel Guide to reach your school.

We know London’s Underground System is huge and complicated ( only for first couple of days). After you get used to it you will be happy staying in a big city with huge public transport system. It is so easy to commute in and around London by Tube or Bus. If your school is in Central London you will need to use Tube. There is no escape from it cause especially in rush hours (in the morning 06:00-10:00 and in the afternoon 16:00-19:00) traffic jams are everywhere like every other big cities. In your first day of the school you might have an exam to determine your level. After your determination of your level you will be placed one of the classes. Please do not forget, you should be at your school as early as possible, around 8:00-8:30 is ideal. First day of the school take your registration documents, payment letter, at least 1 photograph with you. If you are eligible to apply Student Oyster Card you can ask the Application Form to the reception, you need your photograph for the Application Form. For more information please visit .

When you finish your classes of your first school day, you might like to walk around with other students you met or go back straight away to your homestay. If you have Dinner in your meal plan your dinner will be ready the dinnertime your hostfamily given you. Your family will be asking you about your diet. They will not change whole their diet according to you, however for example if you cannot eat egg they will not give you egg. In case of not joining dinner please let your hostfamily know before dinner time. Dinner is great opportunity to have a chat, asking questions about daily life. Your family is familiar to receive many questions from its guest students.

Your cloths will be washed and your room will be cleaned once in a week by your hostfamily. Some of our families let the student to wash their clothes. Before letting you use it they will show you how to use it. Please try to keep your room tidy as much as possible. If you leave a messy, smelly room behind you your hostfamily would not like to step in to your room (Please do not forget, you are living with a hostfamily not in a hotel.).

During your stay if you want to invite one of your friends please ask your hostfamily’s permission.

After a while you will get used to live in London with your hostfamily in a warm atmosphere. Do not hesitate to talk with your hostfamily for any issue. They are there to support you.

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