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London is one of the biggest cities in the world. It is a political and financial magnet and a very rich touristic attraction. Around 12 million people lives in and around London. Palaces, parks, museums, musical theatres, Royal Family always take attraction of tourist and foreigners in London. and are the websites you should visit if you like to discover London's secrets.

London Travel Zones

Why there are zones in London. It is so easy. If you travel underground TFL wants to determine your fee according the distance you travelled. If you get in from Zone 3 and get out from Zone 1 you will be charged certaiin amount. You can change your tube line as many as you like while travelling as long as you get out from zone 1 you will pay same amount.

From Zone 5 to Zone 1 takes around 40 minutes
From Zone 4 to Zone 1 takes around 30 minutes
From Zone 3 to Zone 1 takes around 20 minutes
From Zone 2 to Zone 1 takes around 10 minutes
From Zone 1 to Zone 1 takes at least 10 minutes by tube again.
In many case travelling from Zone 3 to Zone 1 takes same time with travelling only in Zone 1 due to traffic etc..


There are 5 airports in and around London. London Heathrow Airport is the most convinient airport for London visitors locationwise. Luton airport is convinient for Oxford and London, Stansted is Convinient for Cambridge and London, Gatwick is convinient for London and Brighton. There is a small airport called London City Airport in the middle of london for private jets or small planes as well.

Travelling in London

It is easy to answer, TUBE! All you need to do buying a ticket or Oyster Card to use one of the biggest Underground System in the world. Visit to have more information. There is a Travel Planner on the right side of the front page and it is a life saver!
Double Decker buses in London are a great opportunity to look around and catch things you miss while traveling underground by tube.

Travelling out London

Using trains is the best way to discover cities other than London, cost effective as well. From London to Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge are just 1 hour by train. Victoria Statin or Paddington Station in london will take you where you want to go. Please visit
You might like to travel by bus as well. Just go to to see bus travel options.

Eating Out in London

Like many other cities London has enough restaurants, fast-food chains and take away shops. Mc Donalds, Burger King, Pizza Express, ASK, Dominos and Pizza Hut are the most wide restaurant chains in London. In Central London there are many other restaurant from world cuisine with wide price range from budget to posh. Caribbean, Turkish, Chinese, Indian restaurants are the most common eat-in or take away places in London.
We recommend to try fish and chips to all visitors of London.


Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Asda are main supermarket brands throught out the country. From a pack of gum to 50" TV, they have a wide range for every need. Argos is another shopping brand for who likes to do online-shopping. All you need to do opening one of these supermarkets website and typing your post code to their Store Finder section. They will show you the branches around your location.


We do not think you will need any guidance for Pubs. They are everywhere!! British people like to have fun and spend time at the pubs. There are some pub chains like O'neills but we strongly recommend you to visit an old local pub to see real Pub culture in United Kingdom.


There are many university and colleges in and around London.

London Metropolitan University
Empire College
London University of Arts
Kings Colleges
London School of Economics
London School of Businness and Finance
St Marys University
Brunel University
Language Schools
St. Giles Language Schools
Malvern House
Frances King
Shane School of English
London School of Business and Finance Language School
International House
Kaplan Colleges
Excel Language School
Oxford House College
Language Studies International
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